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The Facial Chronicles: Photofacials

The Facial Chronicles: Photofacials                 Advanced Florescent Technology (AFT), Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Photofacial, Fotofacial…all names for the same procedure that utilizes ultraviolet light for better skin. This technology targets brown spots, fine lines, sun spots and more by pulsing this specialized UV light into the skin and breaking up pigment for a clearer more …

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New Beauty TestTube Subscription

New Beauty TestTube Subscription It’s hard to compete with an original, and while I can’t confirm it I’m pretty sure the New Beauty TestTube Beauty Subscription is one of the pioneers of the now trending beauty subscription service. Let’s start at the beginning by saying that New Beauty Magazine is one of the BEST and …

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PTR Pink Bombshell Lip Balm

It’s not because of the amazing name, trust me. Peter Thomas Roth sure created one killer lip balm when we he unleased this product. The fact that its name includes both “pink” and “bombshell” is purely coincidental, yet whenever you combine those two words magic does tend to happen. The first thing you’ll notice about …