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Benefits of mushroom powder for endurance, detox, performance, restore, and more
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OMazing Mushroom Nutrition

Have you heard of all the amazing naturally occurring benefits mushrooms can offer you? Well, let me mention just a few… antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, prebiotics, flavonoids, lectins, peptides and so many more and they can ALL be found in OM – Organic Mushroom Nutrition. I was a little skeptical about consuming mushroom powder because …

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Energybits…algae reinvented

Energybits…algae reinvented   Anybody remotely interested in overall health and wellness has probably tried algae; yes, I’m talking the uber-green spirulina and chlorella that touts major health benefits at an…. acquired taste. I’ve previously had a love/hate relationship with the green/blue stuff; never doubting its amazing detox ability while summoning up the courage to scoop …

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The Conscious Life Expo

The Conscious Life Expo World-renowned psychics, UFO lecturers, water vibration for health, Shamanic healing, crystals and sound baths galore…this is just a fraction of what we encountered this past weekend as we covered The Conscious Life Expo LA.  Perhaps we ventured a bit far from our usual lipstick laden conventions filled with selfie booths and …