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KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee: A Review

                Like most 30-something’s I am always looking for a way to over-caffeinate as quickly as possible with the least detriment to my waistline. Enter KonaRed Cold Brew Coffee; this find came to me at the LA Fitness Expo and with its minimal ingredient list and low-calorie count I can see why this would be …

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We Tested The Sashapure Hair Care System For One Month, Find Out What Happened.

We finally did it! In our first ever collaboration; Opal and I partnered up to experience the complete effects of the Sashapure haircare system for an entire month. Throughout the process of using their complete line, we traded notes, shared stories and swapped pics proving that any journey with a friend is so much better. …

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

This contouring thing is getting old. I mean, I admit the concept is valid and with the right products and techniques the highlighting effect gives your face beautiful dimension like none other. The problem is the market is saturated with products promising the perfect finishing touch with just a simple swipe. Frankly, it doesn’t work …

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Movita Juice Cleanse

Movita Juice Cleanse   A lot of people show apprehension when it comes to juice cleanses; frankly, I don’t blame them. Until you complete a juice cleanse in its entirety you don’t realize just how great it feels…AFTERWARDS. The time during any cleanse is rough and while three-day cleanses seem pretty achievable for most there …