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Ever wonder if a $2095 face cream is worth the hype? Read on…

Ever wonder if a $2095 face cream is worth the hype? Read on…

If science can give us good skincare products at drugstore prices imagine what thousands of dollars can get you. At least that’s the justification I told myself as I purchased a 16.5 ounce jar of the Original Crème de La Mer at a whopping $2095 for this simple looking jar of miracle elixir.  La Mer’s claim to fame is its mineral rich, from the sea “miracle broth” that comes with not only a sinful price tag but even a specific ritual for applying to maximize benefits and take advantage of all the crème has to offer.

I’m not sure what I was expecting at that price point; if they certainly weren’t utilizing profits on their basic packaging than whatever is inside must be nothing short of amazing. There is a small spatula that allows just a small amount of the crème to be whisk out of the jar and the unspoken rule around the beauty scene is never, ever dip your finger directly in the jar for fear of contamination. Once the product is safely out you are then supposed to gently and slowly swirl the crème between your fingers until the stark white crème turns translucent. T

his ritual serves to activate the ingredients in the crème which is then gently patted onto the face in an upward motion. The texture is heavy, thick and if the matte look is your thing this will give you anxiety as your face shine can be seen from across town. There is no hope of applying my sort of makeup afterwards as it does not fully absorb into your skin so nighttime is the only time to apply. It was during this time that I realized my lifelong habit of side sleeping was not going to work out so I forced myself to begin sleeping on my back.

The crème would get all over pillows and sheets leaving a wasted trail of expensive indulgence all over the bed. (Insert dirty thought here.) The next morning I’d wake up with remnants of the product still sitting atop my skin, after a quick wash my skin would need no more moisture for the rest of the day. During this time, my skin thrived; it was illuminated, plump, beautifully hydrated and even toned. I suffered from the occasional breakout which was no surprise as the heavy crème was more moisture than what I was used to. Problem is that after several months of fabulous skin my jar was due for replenishment. I knew I just couldn’t afford to keep it up so once my skin returned to mortal skincare my usual problems returned as well. Moral of the story…you get what you pay for; if you can afford it, go for it if not don’t worry it’s not the end of the world.

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