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The Plant-Based Expert Bruce Mylrea

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For those seeking information on plant-based nutrition, I want to introduce you to Bruce Mylrea. Bruce is highly knowledgeable in the field of plant-based and holistic nutrition. He has a Plant-Based Nutrition certification from eCornell and a Holistic Nutrition Certification from AFPA. He and his famous wife, Mindy Mylrea, travel across the country in their Wellness Wagon educating everyone regarding health and nutrition.

When Idea World asked if I had any presenters I would like to interview, Bruce’s bio immediately fascinated me. Obviously, I loved that he and his wife were plant-based eaters. But the real reason I chose him was for the efforts they are making to help others learn the power of whole food eating. When two people leave their home and conveniences behind to travel in an RV educating others, that in itself is admirable.

But let’s start at the beginning when Bruce wasn’t such a healthy eater. 

Bruce was drawn to the evidence-based nutrition about 9 years ago. He was on a flight with his wife and began to read the book The China Study. After 52 years of eating meat and junk food, Bruce walked out of that flight a vegan. During that exact time, Bruce was struggling with high cholesterol and was about to start taking medication. After reading The China Study, he knew a diet change was all he needed.

Being from Atlanta, Georgia and having had fried food, dairy, and junk food his whole life, the plant-based move proved to be somewhat difficult in the beginning. But after dedicating himself to eating whole foods, and feeling the difference, he’s never looked back.

Mindy and Bruce have now been traveling across the country for over a year in their Wellness Wagon. With their non-profit One Day To Wellness program, they travel and share Bruce remarkable cancer story. They want to be able to “educate as many people as possible about the power of plant-based living in preventing disease, treating disease, and improving the overall quality of life.” 

I asked Bruce what they offered during their stops across the country. “As part of our non-profit conditions, we have one-hour lectures and we also have two-hour lectures. We offer one-minute workouts that Mindy also has on our website. We try to keep that theme of one minute, one hour, one day to wellness theme. We have one-week to wellness where we do our 9-hour certification. The next day we do cooking and coaching so that people can understand how to cook delicious plant-based foods.”

After hearing such amazing things about their programs, I wanted to know more about their One Day To Wellness Certification which was also offered at Idea World Convention. This certification entails 9 hours of which we are educated on nutrition, research-based evidence, mindfulness, meditation, movement, and behavioral change. You can find out more about their One Day To Wellness Certification at

I have to say that what Bruce and Mindy are doing is truly remarkable. They are literally changing the lives of others through education on plant-based foods. While others bottle a miracle cure in a cashable package they just spread the goodness of whole foods. Bruce and Mindy are both truly inspirational and I hope you have the opportunity to see that “Wellness Wagon” travel through your city soon. If you want to know their next stop or find out more information on Bruce and Mindy go to

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