Idea World Convention Came and Went!

Idea World Convention Came and Went!

Idea World Convention was this past weekend in Anaheim California. It was an amazing weekend filled with fitness classes taught by the best fitness experts in the world. And the sessions? Those were amazing too.

The presenters were from all over the world with expertise in fitness, nutrition, kinesiology, business, technology and more. There were established authors, successful studio and fitness owners, doctors, dietician, famous instructors and anyone who’s anyone in the fitness world.

I was so fortunate to interview some of the best in the field of fitness.

Although I was not able to take as many sessions as I have in the past, I did have a wonderful time. This was the first time that I actually got to sit down and get to ask questions to some of the best fitness experts in the world. I will be posting individual articles on each presenter so stay tuned for those.

You’ll learn about dietician Ginger Hultin and her Champagne Nutrition. Bruce Mylrea will share his stance on plant-based nutrition. Best selling book author Rachel Cosgrove shares here strength-training secrets and Luka and Jenalyn share their new World of Dance Fitness involvement.

The only disappointing aspect of this weekend was the size of the expo.

It was definitely much smaller than in years past. It did, however, showcased innovative equipment, products, brands, and supplements lines. I snapped some shots for your enjoyment (see below).

The beauty is that Idea World will be gracing us for the next two years in Anaheim. This event is definitely for any fitness professional or enthusiast. You can go to for information on upcoming shows, conventions and more.

  1. OMG! I knew that was you I saw at Idea World! LOVED your outfit and SHOES!!!

  2. I was so disappointed with their expo! Small and pretty crappy.

  3. I loved their sessions but the expo was horrible. What happened this year? No one wanted to come to Anaheim?

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