Are You A Megababe?

Are You A Megababe?
Have you heard about this really cool brand called Megababe? If not, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. They have the products that we have secretly been wanting but were too embarrassed to research or go out and buy. 
Don’t you hate it when your thighs rub together and you get a rash? I know this doesn’t only happen to me. This especially happens when you are wearing a tight pencil skirt or bodycon dress. Those fabrics squeeze our thighs together so tight that it leaves little to no oxygen for our lovely lady parts. 
The sweat and constant rubbing is no joke. It is painful but we do it for the love of fashion and vanity. 
When have you ever heard a lady say “Why would I wear this sexy dress when it makes my thighs rub together?” NEVER! That’s when. But now we can wear that sexy dress and NOT get chafe thighs thanks to Megababe Thigh Rescue. You rub it between your legs and voila! No irritating skin. Pure Genius!!!
Guess what? That’s not the only product that is genius. They have an anti-boob sweat powder! Can you believe it? No more gross stains on your shirts or blouses. This is something that I am so glad I got to test out. I was always so tired and very embarrassed when I worked out and the only place you saw sweat was under my boobs. I mean, I am not twenty any more guys and I’ve had three kids! So needless to say, my boobs aren’t perky! In fact, they each point in their own direction…I guess it all depends where the wind is blowing! 
I hate that they droop because when they do, guess what? They SWEAT! 
And it leaves a very visible stain due to the suffocation they have been experiencing under those tight sports bras. But now, I squeeze the top of my Megababe Bust Dust and the right amount of powder comes out. I rub it under my breast and it leaves my skin kind-of silky but ready to resist those sweat glands. I tested it and it WORKED!! I had no boob stains…woohoo!
I also got to test their Daily Deodorant Sunny Pits. It has a very refreshing lemon scent that smells like freshly sliced lemons. I love that it uses lemon and grapefruit oils and has no baking soda or aluminum. It’s no wonder Megababe had 13,000 people in the waitlist for the Rosy Pits formula. It works and you feel clean without any sticky residue or weird body odor. You know, the ones you get when your body oils mix with deodorant oils.
I loved all the products I tested. They are all cruelty-free and VEGAN!! Need I say more? If you want to get your hands on these products, go to    – You will love them as much as I did!
vegan, cruelty-free, natural, oils, deodorant, anti-chafe stick, boob sweat, wellness, skincare, body care
vegan, cruelty-free, natural, oils, deodorant, anti-chafe stick, boob sweat, wellness, skincare, body care
Megababe provided Inner Bombshell with products to test out. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the link above will redirect you to their site.
  1. we must be sisters because my boobs point to different directions too LOL

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