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Revel Is Made Specifically Just For Women

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It’s really tough being a woman. I mean, we get taxed more for personal products (pink tax) while men don’t. We have to succumb to companies packaging a product with pink colors and stating that it’s meant for a woman. Yet all along the product was made for a man. Its truly disheartening when companies don’t take the time and interest to make things for women. Especially when they know that we spend more money than our male counterparts. 

But thankfully things are changing. Companies are evolving and realizing that women need products made just for them.

And no, we don’t just want a fat burner or weight loss product. We want more! Products that help our workout efforts in becoming stronger and healthier. Hence, the reveal of a product that is made especially for women.

I want to introduce you to private label called Revel.

A brand specifically formulated just for women. Products made for women to help enhance their hard work and efforts in the gym and in life. It’s not a product made for women to LOOSE weight which is the selling strategy of every company. But rather a series of products for women to perform better and generally just be healthier. The product line ranges from protein to multivitamins to recovery and so much more. 

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Revel’s female formulator, Charina Lumley,  at Idea World Convention to find out more information about this amazing new launch. As Charina explains it, Revel wants to celebrate strength, self-confidence, and self-worth. Revel also differs in ingredients and testing. They wanted to validate the performance of their products by testing them on women. 

They spend a year and a half looking at clinical research and finding ingredients that were science-backed and tested on women.

In every single product that they offer, there are ingredients that have been clinically-validated on women. For example, the pre-workout product called Women’s All Day Energy & Pre Workout + Coconut Water has Peak O2 and creatine both of which have been clinically validated on women. They even tested this product on a Women’s Soccer Team and got to see the beneficial effects of the adaptogens in the products. 

Charina is really excited not only to have that marketing message of beauty is in strength and wellness but to have the research also back the efficacy of their products. Surprisingly, their “hero” product has been their recovery product Women’s Recovery & Post Workout + BCAAs. It contains Fortigel collagen, BCAA, HMB and coconut water powder. They wanted the product to also fill that void of providing nutrients that offered healthy hair, nails, and joint support.

Revel was created out of necessity. 

To provide women with products made specifically for them. realized that there was a need and they wanted to fill that void. It is not about losing weight but rather feeling strong and confident in your own skin. These products are for the women out there that want to become stronger, that want to feed their body with the essential nutrients necessary to build beautiful strong bodies. Revel wants to encourage you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin. There is no such thing as the “Perfect Body” but there is such a thing as a “Perfectly Beautiful, Healthy and Unique You.”

These products are only available at

Fun fact: The triangular symbol you see in the Revel logo is actually two-fold. “For women, we want to be able to create a balance of our physicality with our emotional and mental strength. And this triangle or this triad symbol is actually a representation of “We can’t be our best selves until we are balanced in all three areas and aspects of our lives.” And then there is this subtle check mark here that is this idea that women get stuff done. It’s more subconscious. That your checking things off your list.  Such as to treat my body and the food that I eat as the fuel for exercise and working out.”

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