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A Toast To Your Diet With Dietitian Ginger Hultin

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Imagine a dietitian who sympathizes with you and knows that when life gets hard a little wine can do the job. Let me introduce you to Ginger Hultin from Champagne Nutrition.  From the moment I saw her webpage I knew that this was someone who took nutrition to the next level. Her vibe is cool, calm, fun and accepting. But don’t let her “look” fool you, she has a Masters Degree in Nutrition. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and she is also a Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition.

What differs Ginger from other dietitians, is that she knows that life is about having a little fun. It’s about spending time with family and friends and sometimes that entails going out to dinner, lunch or breakfast. She helps clients understand the nutritional facts and helps them make better selections. And yes, sometimes adding in a little glass of wine, champagne or alcoholic beverage is perfectly acceptable. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ginger at the Ideal World Conference in Anaheim, California. She was one of the presenters leading a session on Trends in Plant-Based Nutrition. I love that she specializes in vegetarian and plant-based diets and also integrates holistic nutrition in the mix. 

Before she was a dietitian, Ginger was in the restaurant industry for years. “I love food and wine and I love the culture around it so going into dietetics for me was out of a love of food not wanting to be the food police.”

She created Champagne Nutrition to help the type of people that want to work with someone like her. “I am not running diets, I am not doing restrictions, I just want to help bring sanity to the nutrition space. I do talk plant-based and I do talk keto and I’ll help people were ever they are at. But I’d just like to help people have more flexibility and more balance in their lives and be happier ultimately through nutrition.

Champagne Nutrition is a concierge nutrition virtual practice. You don’t have to be living in Seattle to see Ginger which gives her the opportunity to help people worldwide. She currently has the ability to take in a few new clients, so if you are interested you can contact Ginger through her website at

Ginger only works with clients long term. She prefers to work with them from 6 months to a year (and more) because that is how she can effectively help her clients better their nutrition. As an integrative dietitian, she looks at the person lifestyle holistically. She takes into consideration each client’s needs and obstacles (travel, commute, family), where they are starting and where they want to be. Ginger helps them look at menus and see how much drinking fits into their lives or not. She helps her clients become more active by incorporating fitness into their daily lives. And she also talks about the importance of sleep and stress reduction. 

Now I know there’s a question in everyone’s mind, and yes, I asked Ginger. What alcoholic beverage should/can we have with our meal?  Ginger suggests white wine, champagne, and light beer because they are low in calories. But remember that the World Health Organization guidelines suggest only one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men. The World Health Organization also suggests not drinking two days a week to give your liver a break. 

I have to say that this was definitely a fascinating interview. I learned so much about Ginger and the innovative way she looks at nutrition. She is very raw and real and knows the social pressures we encounter daily. She helps her clients live healthier lives and still have a little fun. Now, that is something we can toast to! Champagne anyone?

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