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Naboso is Helping You Have A Mind To Feet Connection

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Dr. Emily Splichal is a Functional Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist. She is also the CEO and Founder of Naboso Barefoot Technology. And also the Founder of EBFA Global which is an education company build around barefoot science, foot function, foot support sequence and more. 

I sat down with Dr. Emily at Idea World Convention to know a little bit more about this journey and the reason behind the creation of Naboso Technology. 


Naboso Barefoot Technology is the first and only textured insole and mat company. It is intended to stimulate the skin at the bottom of the feet. In doing so, it translates to foot connection, foot strength and foot structure. This allows for better form, overall body alignment, and body awareness. 

These mats and insoles were created to provide us all with better balance, and posture. Although the target audience is anyone, there is a particular niche within medical performance and fitness wellness. Those aficionados of weight training, barefoot movement, barre, yoga, and pilates would definitely benefit from a Naboso mat. The mats are also great for the older adult that might be suffering from Parkinson or neuropathy.

When I first stepped on the Pro Mat, I felt wonderful. The mat itself was very comfortable for foot and hand compression but definitely not recommended for knees or elbows. There are, however, four different mats to choose from depending on what exercises you are performing. 

  • The Standing Mat 1.5 is for foot activation when standing at home or work. 
  • The Mind Body Mat 1.0 is to be used for yoga, pilates, barre, stretching or myofascial work because it is a little softer and less abrasive to the elbows and knees than the options below. 
  • The Training Mat 1.5 is a little harder and more intended for foot or hand stimulation. 
  • The Pro Training 1.5 Mat is the thickest and hardest. This mat is particularly used by professional sports athletes and Olympic and powerlifters.

Why is using Naboso mats or insoles so important?

“Our feet our design to constantly read the environment. That is how we maintain our balance, that is how we know how hard we are striking the ground. As soon as we put on shoes we start to create a disconnect between the nervous system, our brain, and our body. 

That means that we might be stabilizing a little bit slower or we might be hitting the ground with our feet or heels a little bit harder than we should because we have less self-awareness. So by having a Naboso insole or mat, training barefoot, we reconnect to our foundation. We have a heightened awareness of how we move, how we strike the ground, how we are stabilizing the body when doing dynamic movements.

That translates to improved performance and decreased injury risks. That’s our goal! To improve the quality of life and quality of movement.” 

The insoles are the exact technology as the mats with a 2 point discrimination. They come in four different sizes but you can cut them to your appropriate size. They provide the same foot stimulation that the mats provide but offer the convenience of all-day use. 

Dr. Emily has also written a book – Barefoot Strong – how to understand your fascia system, foot type, nervous system, exercises for your feet and how that translates to movement longevity. 

If you would like to purchase a mat or insole (I know I do) or if you would like to know about Dr. Emily Splichal or Naboso Barefoot Technology, go to

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