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Eat your fork…no, seriously eat it!

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Eat your fork…no, seriously eat it!


            Mind-blown…there’s just no other way to describe what Corinne and I both thought as we walked away from the Twentyfifty booth at the now infamous Natural Products Expo that brought us the best of the best when it comes to natural, sustainable foods and products.  Yes, a delicious, new flavor of gluten-free bread is always cool but when you meet with a company that brings you true innovation- it brings you a whole new perspective. The unassuming booth tucked away in a far corner was almost passed up, which would have been a huge mistake by us.

            Atop the booth stood one lowly box, yes just a simple box filled with Tesla style brilliance and ingenuity. Imagine a disposable fork, with the same style, weight and overall feel of any standard cafeteria style fare. Only this fork is made with 100% compostable natural grains…wait! What? I kid you not, this fork was sturdy, strong and its tines sleek enough to pick up anything. Yet, it’s not made of plastic or any other lab created monstrosity that’s polluting our world. Nope, its totally edible and dare I say sort of tasty in its own way.

            If you choose to dispose of your edible fork say your final goodbyes because in 14 days, it will completely compost…good for the earth is an understatement. Does it actually work like a fork you ask? Yes! It totally does; even withstanding heat up to 170 degrees without getting soggy or warping. It is truly something that you need to try for yourself to fully understand and appreciate. This is the future people, it’s happening so time to embrace change. Support a greener, cleaner world and give some notoriety to those who deserve it. Finally, it’s this kind of forward thinking that gives me hope that my grandkids might avoid a real-life mad-max situation.

*No compensation was received for this review. A product sample was received, all opinions our own. 


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