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Corinne Food

This Bar Saves Lives

Imagine a bar that tastes delicious and also saves lives…I introduce you to This Bar Saves Lives. A brand that is on a hunt to end child malnutrition worldwide. “Our plan is simple – sell the best products domestically to send the best life-saving nutrition abroad. With the right nutrition, children everywhere can grow up …

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Beauty Makeup Opal

The Lipstick Junkie Subscription Box

The Lipstick Junkie Subscription Box               The current makeup scene is saturated with beauty subscription boxes offering up your monthly dose of eyeshadow, primers, skincare and specialty products etc. But what if you’re not in to gilded sparkles and violet mascara? What if you knew exactly what area you want to experiment with and …

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Corinne Food

Greenjoy Pressed Salad Bars

Greenjoy Pressed Salad Bars     Can you imagine putting all your favorite salad ingredients into a bar and taking it on the go? Well, that is exactly what one company named Greenjoy did.  Now I know what you are thinking, how did they get all the ingredients I love like broccoli, tomatoes, onions, garbanzo, raisins, croutons, …