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Idea World BlogFest 2018…Live, Laugh, Sweat

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                Innerbomshell made its way to sunny, San Diego this past weekend to attend Idea World’s annual Blogfest with Sweat Pink. The three days I attended included killer workouts, engaging speakers and valuable networking which left me feeling inspired and ready to tackle anything. This was the first time I attended and was blown away by the sheer number of attendees and workshops throughout the week. I am happy to say I left uplifted and strengthened by the great conversation and connections made with my fellow bloggers- they were all inviting, friendly and eager to lend a hand. As a former fitness instructor, I went in with an open mind and fueled by the desire to catch up on the latest trends taking over the fitness world while finding ways to enhance my blogging…two passions of mine that I love dearly.

                There was so much information and ideas discussed throughout the daily sessions; each even more thorough and concise as I could have imagined. Some of the highlights include topics such as: How to Podcast, How to Monetize your Blog, How to Feel Good About Yourself and Your Ideas, Social Media 101, Understanding Google Analytics, Tips and Tricks for Great Lighting in your Videos and so much more. One of my most notable experiences was having the opportunity to hear revered fitness trainer, Heidi Powell (yes, THAT Heidi Powell) deliver her powerful keynote speech. I also had the opportunity to try out Frog Fitness’ unique exercise machine that engages all your muscles for one amazing workout that left me invigorated. Celebrity trainer Natalie Jill kicked our butts with unique exercises while Trigger Point eased our muscles with their amazing foam rollers.

                Saturday’s selected sessions included workshops such as Is It Time to Eat Yet? Nobel Prize-Winning Body Clock Science Has the Answer, Live Your Life and Yoga for Optimal Client Performance plus others that had me soaking in all the insight and thinking of ways to incorporate all these ideas into my writing and everyday life. Throughout the event, I was able to catch a glimpse of and connect with notable fitness icons such as Chantal Brodrick, Petra Kolber, Gigi Ashworth, Kristine Beatty and Sadie Sardini. I left each day feeling better and stronger than when I went in- a true testament to the power of collective minds and positive vibes. I cannot wait to attend next year and will continue to cultivate the friendships and connections I was fortunate enough to make. Until next year Blogfest and thank you for one epic time!

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