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Hydrotherapy For Health

Hydrotherapy for Health               What do you know about Hydrotherapy? Odds are you’ve utilized this alternative treatment to some extent. There are various forms of this practice- from hot/cold therapy to massaging whirlpools and even just simply ingesting warm water in the AM on an empty stomach to “let your digestive system buffer” so …

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Oil Scalp Massage

Oil Scalp Massage My hair was crying; it was screaming for a break. Don’t speak hair? Allow me to translate…my hair was not being cooperative, its refused to stay curled, straightening would leave behind weird bends and waves while the color was less than rich and vibrant. I realized that hair bleach and extensions had …

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Idea World BlogFest 2018…Live, Laugh, Sweat

                Innerbomshell made its way to sunny, San Diego this past weekend to attend Idea World’s annual Blogfest with Sweat Pink. The three days I attended included killer workouts, engaging speakers and valuable networking which left me feeling inspired and ready to tackle anything. This was the first time I attended and was blown away by the sheer number …