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Saje! My Favorite New 100% Natural Discovery

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If you wanna dive into a plethora of zen-like scents then Saje is the store to go to have a blissful aromatherapy moment. As I was walking down the mall, I could smell the scents of lavender,  peppermint, oranges and all the other scents found in a natural and organic store.  The mere essence lured me from afar to walk in and experience the delight that surrounded me. Aromatherapy diffusers surrounded the store with an eclectic and soothing variety of scents. It wasn’t anything overpowering but more so relaxing. Just walking into the store gave me the feeling I had just entered a yoga and meditation class. I was genuinely fascinated by everything in the store and I was even more intrigued by the brand Saje which I had never heard of.

With a slogan like “Connect with the healing power of plants” and “100% natural” which is embodied in the store’s bags, walls, and products, you will surely find something to love in this store. I walked away with the So Zen Post Yoga Kit which contains a Muscle Melt Comforting Lotion, Namaste Uplifting Face & Body Mist, Yoga Refreshing Mat Spray and Peppermint Halo (a cooling and soothing oil blend for the head). I have to personally tell you that I LOVE this kit and all of the products in it. I am a big fan of oils and this brand is my favorite discovery. Every time I use the face mist, its like I inhaled peace and tranquility…it is truly unexplainable. It does not leave my face oily but genuinely refreshed. When I use the yoga mat spray before class, I always get a few inquiries (even from the teachers) as to what spray I use. And when I roll the Peppermint Halo around my temples and behind my ears, I feel this cooling sensation which slowly relaxes the tensions from the day. I used the Muscle Melt once on my quads after a hard leg day at the gym, it didn’t take the pain away but it made me feel a tiny bit better.

I really have to recommend this brand to others that love natural products, aromatherapy, and oils.  Please note that I make no money from Saje, this is truly just me discovering a great brand and wanting to share it with others. The company is Canadian and there are only a few stores in the United States but you can purchase online at

I hope you will enjoy this new discovery as much as I have enjoyed my Yoga Kit 😉


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