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Bringing Back the HCG Diet

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HCG Diet


Newsflash…I’m still not a size 2. I know, I know this is getting old; my quest for a BMI in the 20’s and no chub rub. The good news is I’m getting there, slowly but surely and with lots of help. My latest weight loss venture involves needles, egg whites, and low-low calories. The HCG diet has fallen in and out of fashion for years. The diet rules change slightly depending on whom you ask but basically it means low calories (500 per day), no carbs other than the occasional fruit and veggie, a huge amount of water, weekly weigh ins with B-12 shots and daily subcutaneous injections of human chorionic gonadotropin.

HCG is the pregnancy hormone and reportedly it reduces hunger, helps in hormone regulation/production, supports lean muscle retention and minimizes bloating. The premise, without getting too technical is that you are able to maintain the effects of the rapid weight loss from the low calorie diet without destroying your metabolism and gaining it all back once you stop.

The injection discomfort was barely noticeable, and the supplemental help from the B-12 and medical supervision helped tremendously. I had one breakfast on rotation and after 3 weeks I was sick and tired of it- it was 1/3 cup of egg whites, a cup of spinach, 6 cherry tomatoes, salt and pepper. The no oil rule was difficult as anyone who has ever tried to scramble dry egg whites without the whole thing sticking is next to impossible but I managed.

Lunch and dinner consisted of some variation of boneless, skinless chicken breast (3.5 ounces) ultra-lean beef sirloin or non-fatty white fish with 1 cup of leafy green veggies. Snacks were oranges or strawberries and my average 100 ounces of water a day making me set up shop by the bathroom as I spent more time peeing than doing anything else.

I lost 11 pounds and 1-3 inches all around. I would have lost closer to 17 pounds but halfway through Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy, seasonal Pumpkin Cheesecake and house Chianti came calling to me in a dream and it took 4 days to recover from that indiscretion. Like most diet plans it works…if you work it.


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