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Tyra Beauty

Tyra Beauty

            I’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know Tyra Banks. You know, the glamazon, supermodel/talk show host who gave us America’s Next Top Model and other goodies like that. While the world swoons over Fenty we somehow missed this entire beauty line created by none other than Ms. Banks herself. Subtly reigns with a name like Tyra; leaving no doubt as to who is behind the scenes. Full disclosure, I have only purchased one of her products so far, but it happens to be THE quintessential lip product you need right now if your look is sexy, feminine and playful or if you just want to feel hot AF.

            While I’ve found my perfect nude (thank you Charlotte) I was still searching for that one baby doll pink that was the perfect blend of innocence meets porn star. No small feat as pastel pinks tend to wash you out quickly leaving you looking like a hot mess Lolita. When I came across Tyra’s lip gloss, whose formulation and staying power is basic as it gets, it was the gorgeous, perfectly pink color that reeled me in. The shade, Bubblegum Yum Pink is the most perfect baby pink I’ve ever come across. The color is cool by nature, but this particular one has just enough warmth shine through to avoid the dreaded wash out. The look is sultry and pretty on its own but applied over a nude lip and overzealous liner and you instantly transform into a sexpot.

            Is the rest of Tyra’s collection as bad ass as her shade selection…perhaps? All I can tell you is in a massively large sea of beauty products on the market you sometimes stumble across a jewel and it would be a crime to keep that info to yourself. This is how cult classics are made after all. To check out the shade click below and feel free to give me the name of your favorite pinks in the comments below.

Tell me this isn’t gorge!

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