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Sunshine Botanicals Skincare- Youth In A Bottle

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Sunshine Botanicals Skincare- Youth In A Bottle
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Could you imagine being called “The Skin Whisperer”? There is a lot of expectations from someone with such a title but Emily Fritchey is such said person and the creator of Sunshine Botanicals. I have researched a lot of different skincare lines for our blog but to be honest, none have compared to Sunshine Botanicals. This “clinical skincare from a botanical perspective” is as good as it gets! I can’t say enough amazing things about this brand because you have to try out the products yourself to see where I am coming from. All I can say is that this is my favorite brand and my skincare staple!
Let me tell you a little bit about this brand and how I discovered it. I attended Sophie Uliano’s weekend retreat on Saturday and during the last hour of the event, Sunshine Botanical was going to be showcasing a Pumpkin Peel demonstration. We all ran out the doors to the hallway to see for ourselves this “Magical Peel.” Luckily for me, I ran and got front row (at 5’1″, it’s hard looking through people’s backs). Emily picked a participant and began to apply the products and gave us a little explanation of the brand, proper use and the effectiveness of each product. Once the mask came off the participant, let’s just say we were all in AMAZEMENT! The participants face looked renewed, vibrant and beautiful. It was like watching a magic show right in front of our very own eyes. I was so impressed with the products that I immediately contacted the company and wanted to test them out for myself.
I have been using Sunshine Botanicals for the past month and I will never go back to a different brand. Below, you will find the products Emily selected for me according to my skin texture and issues…skin elasticity, aging, sun spots and overall a more youthful appearance.  She also provided me with some videos on proper use for each one. Remember that for a product to be more effective, it needs to be used a certain way. 

     1. Cleanse and Clear.

     2. Cellular Renewal Mist.

     3. Bio-Peptide Brightening Serum

     4. Liquid 02  Extreme Eye Repair

     5. Cellular Firming Cream

     6. Total Eclipse BB Cream
     1. Pre Cleanse and Detox
     2. Cleanse and Clear
     3. Cellular Renewal Mist
     4. Bio-Peptide Brightening Serum
     5. Liquid 02 Extreme Eye Repair
     6. Cellular Firming Cream

Power Up Your Daily Routine with these power tools to refine your skin texture and restore your healthy glow!
 Pumpkin Power Peel system: Follow label directions exactly to “power up” your results… – It doesn’t get any better than this Pumpkin Peel. My face looks and feels amazing afterward.

The Daily Glow: This can be used (as directed ) a  few times a week – or even daily to polish and exfoliate and help restore a healthy “glow”…

Rapid Repair Fluid – check this out:

As you can see from the above list, this is a “powerhouse” of products. All the products compliment each other so well and really produce results. Now, I have taken “before” picture so that you can see what my skin looked like before starting my Sunshine Botanical routine. 
Before pictures: July 1, 2018Sunshine Botanicals Before picturesSunshine Botanicals Before pictures Sunshine Botanicals Before pictures
During my month trial using these products, I did not use any other brand or products because I wanted to see the actual effectiveness of the routine Emily recommended. I continued my daily activities; exercise, pool, and beach on weekends and outdoor walks around 6 pm. I was exposed to a lot of SUN (especially since I visited 110 degrees HOT Arizona for a whole week). I was actually more exposed to sun damage during my trial than what I normally get but the products luckily protected me.   You can see for yourself the results of using the products for just 30 days. Imagine what it will do with more consistency and use. This is an amazing brand with extreme knowledge of plant-power and effectiveness. Give Sunshine Botanicals a try and you won’t use any other brand.
After Picture: August 6, 2018
Sunshine Botanical Skincare After Picture
Sunshine Botanicals provided Inner Bombshell with products to test over a month period. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the links above will redirect you to Sunshine Botanicals site and YouTube channel. 

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