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Gorgeous For Good Retreat With The Amazing Sophie Uliano.

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When people hear the name Sophie Uliano they immediately think of “Green Beauty, Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle” and ultimately “Gorgeous For Good.” If you are one of the few people on this planet that doesn’t know who she is, then let me clue you in on this remarkable New York Times bestselling author, certified holistic nutritionist and wellness educator. Sophie Uliano currently has four books: Gorgeously Green, The Gorgeously Green Diet, Do It Gorgeously and Gorgeous For Good. She has her own website with tons of valuable information, she has her own Youtube channel and frankly, the list goes on and on. If you read her books or just visit any of her social media outlets you too, will be enamored by her philosophy and teachings.

I first learned about Sophie in 2015 while I was perusing Barnes and Noble looking for an educational book on health and wellness. Her book Gorgeous For Good stood out from the rest of the books in the stand. I don’t know what exactly about the book stood out but I was drawn to that book and purchased it. The read was absolutely fascinating and I read the entire book within three days and trust me, it usually takes me a few months to read a book (with three small children I barely find time to shower in peace).  So, I followed her on social media, subscribed to her newsletter and have been a fan ever since. Imagine to my surprise how excited I got when she was hosting a retreat in Los Angeles this year. I immediately send the email to a lot of my girlfriends and we enrolled to attend. Unfortunately for me, I was only able to attend one day (Saturday) but trust me it was amazing!!!  The valuable information we all learned in this single day was well worth the cost and LA traffic. 

Let me clue you in on the events of the day: we arrived and received our goodie bag with a value of over $1000…yeap, you hear right OVER $1,000 (that alone was worth the retreat cost). Then we were greeted with picture opportunities, coffee/tea/water stations and a market full of unique and amazing brands (with incredible specials). Our first speaker was the one and only Sophie Uliano who started the retreat speaking about what to expect from the day and introduced us to Christine Burke (Liberation Yoga) who provided us with an awakening chair yoga class. The next speaker was Amanda Gilbert (Amanda Gilbert Meditation) a meditation master who took us on a meditative journey. Let me tell you that the energy in the room was intense! I even became a little light-headed during this experience. Then it was Sophie’s turn again and every bit of information she shared was priceless. She taught us how to nourish our body, what to avoid and how to care for ourselves with green beauty, skincare, products, and ingredients. After this invaluable talk, we were introduced to Candace Burch (Your Hormone Balance) who was talking about hormonal imbalances and how to help balance them with natural herbs and supplements. Let me tell you that it felt like everything she was explaining was specified to me. Incredible and knowledgeable speaker! Then we were off to a healthy and plant-based lunch.

The second part of the retreat started with Ayurveda + aromatherapy using essential oils with the founder of UMA Oils –Shrankhla Holecek . Let’s just say these oils are the real deal. One drop is so concentrated that even though the bottle was closed, you could still smell them. I also found this speaker to be extremely fascinating because she taught us how to replace synthetic aging skin care products with natural oils to achieve even better results. This was truly remarkable. Sophie came back to educate us a little bit more on home detox and what to use to have a safe and green household. Our next speaker was  Sophie Chiche (ShapeHouse) who shared her incredible wellness story and the power of sweat. We finished the retreat with the amazing powerhouse and fitness queen Ashley Borden. She was hilarious, inspirational and truly amazing. She gifted us a foam roller and taught us a few beneficial foam roll exercises. What an amazing way to end the day (after we did a little more shopping :).

This event was sooo incredible! I learned so much, discovered new and amazing brands and I was truly overwhelmed (in a good way) with so much new and profound knowledge. The only thing that I was genuinely sad about was that I could not attend the next day! This was truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

**Inner Bombshell paid to attend the event and does not receive monetary compensation from Sophie Uliano or any of the speakers/brands. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the above link will redirect you to Sophie Uliano’s website and Youtube channel.*** 


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