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Corinne Fashion

Marriage and Fashion

Marriage and Fashion   (6 months pregnant with 3rd child) I love seeing those couples out and about wearing matching color or styles. I think it took a lot of thought process from both of them to want to color coordinate and match. Although it is important for everyone to portray their own individuality, it …

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Corinne Fitness

Marriage and Fitness…

Marriage and Fitness… I am a firm believer that the couple that plays together stays together and fitness is a great way to do that.  We all know that fitness is great for you but its even better when you have a workout buddy that motivates you and keeps you on your toes. Incorporating your …

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Corinne Fashion

Aging and Fashion

Aging and Fashion   Aging and Fashion…Do the two collide? Some people believe that you are supposed to dress your age but what exactly does that mean? I believe in today’s society fashion is a reflection of our attitude, personality or even feeling. Sometimes we want to dress up and sometimes we just want to …

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Aging   The thought of the word makes our whole face cringe with fear! Those facial muscles uncover the lines that verify the aging process has begun. You look in the mirror in disbelief because you do not recognize the reflection starring back at you. You move closer to observe the imposter starring at you …