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The IV Experience

The IV Experience     I love beauty and wellness trends; sometimes to the extreme. Once I catch wind of something new that promises any degree of enhancement the only questions I ask are where, when, how much? So far, this tactic has proved successful, however, please come back and speak to me if ever …

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Fashion Opal

Nordstrom Fashion event

Nordstrom Fashion event     The Nordstrom Spring Beauty Trend Show at South Coast Plaza promised the beauty obsessed a day of all things fashion and beauty. For the most part, I’d say they delivered on that promise. Tickets were sold in advance for $20 apiece, fully redeemable via a Nordstrom’s gift card distributed the …

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Opal Wellness

SO Cal Wellness Event

SO Cal Wellness Event     Corinne and I recently attended the SoCal Wellness Event hosted by SoCal Moms. Gilt City offered an amazing deal on admission for two for $30-Steal! We snatched the tickets up and waited anxiously for the upcoming evening which promised tons of goodies, interesting panel discussions, champagne and lot’s more. …

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Eternal youth

Eternal youth I’ve often wondered when women reach their “prime.” It’s very subjective, as some would mention their twenties for obvious reasons while others allude to later times in their life when wisdom becomes apparent both in actions and in spirit. Despite every woman’s unique perspective, most agree that ageing and beauty go hand in …