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Let Frank Body Skincare Stimulate Your Senses.

coffee, scrubs, moisturizer, Australia, natural, cruelty-free, vegan, clean, skincare, hair care

They say the skies are bluer, the weather is better and the sheilas and blokes are nicer, so who can blame me when I had to “Have A Go” at a brand straight from Australia; Frank Body. Don’t worry, I won’t use too many euphemisms or slangs of the beloved Aussie language (emphasis on not too many).  I was really excited to test out some products from Frank Body because the internet and social media have gone bonza over this brand. And for good reason, because they are so awesome, innovative, funny and unique. 

You are probably questioning why I would describe a skincare brand as “funny” but the slogans/messages on each product will have you entertaining the idea. Take, for instance, the Original Coffee Scrub slogan is “Guess what? You’ll be naked in one minute.”  And guess what? I was!  Turn the package over and a clever phrase lets you know to “Lose the pants, you don’t need them where we’re going. Destination: Babetown.” I mean seriously, does it get any more clever than that? Oh yeah, it does. The Everyday Face Moisturiser tells you “I want to be on you, all day, every day.” And the Stimulating Scalp Scrub tells you to have “A little less conversation and a little more stimulation.” Love that! Because it is going to stimulate your hair growth! Genius or as my Aussie’s would have me say…what a beaut!!!

Now, let’s talk a little bit about why Frank Body is so innovative and awesome. For starters, they are cruelty-free (Woop – Woop) and vegan-friendly – (except lip scrub which contains beeswax) and it’s also natural (can I get a cooee (look it up, its a real word 🙂 

coffee, scrubs, moisturizer, Australia, natural, cruelty-free, vegan, clean, skincare, hair care

Let’s start with my experience using the Original Coffee Scrub. I got naked because the package told me so, I wet my body in the shower and I massage the scrub everywhere. I have to say that the smell of the coffee scrub on my skin and the steam from my shower gave me a serious urge to lick myself. Yes, it sounds a little perverse but its the truth. I smelled like a cup of aromatic, dark, and delicious brew. And my skin, oh my skin was so subtle and smooth afterward…after the scrub came off not after licking myself (which I didn’t do and if I did, you have no proof!). My skin seriously felt smooth and exfoliated. You should be aware that you will have to rinse your shower good afterward so that you don’t have any coffee grounds lingering around. My husband was a little bit worried about the grounds clogging the shower drain of our old leased house but I say that what my husband doesn’t know, neither does my landlord. 

I loved the Stimulating Scalp Scrub! If you are someone like me that tends to use a dry shampoo more than the recommended amount of times, then this product will work wonders. Remember that all those powders and styling products tend to clog our poor scalp. Sure we can use a specialty shampoo and conditioner but if our scalp is clogged, even the best of products can’t penetrate. My first time using the product I very gently massaged sections of my scalp. I was worried about how my scalp would react since this was my first-ever experiment with a scalp scrub. Unlike the body scrub, the scent that overpowered was that of rosemary. It also smelled great and I could feel a little tingle in my scalp (in a good way). My hair looked really nice and shiny after just one scrub. I have since used it two more times with no negative side effects or scalp sensitivity. I hope to continue to use it at least once a week to stimulate and exfoliate my poorly-neglected scalp. 

coffee, scrubs, moisturizer, Australia, natural, cruelty-free, vegan, clean, skincare, hair care

Last but not least is the Everyday Face Moisturiser. I was really excited to try a moisturizing product that contained coffee and was intrigued to see how it would actually work. I was expecting a thick cream so with my bionic strength I squeezed the tube to which 70 % of the product squirted out.  I had to use an old school method where you squeeze the bottle gently releasing the air inside and then you place the tube close to the cream so that it can suck it back in. Squeeze, suck, squeeze, suck… Yes, it was time-consuming but as an 80’s kid, you were taught never to waste anything. Finally, I squeezed most of the cream back in and what remained went on my face, neck, shoulders, stomach, arms, legs…you get the point. I got tired and used my body as the temple for experimentation. Let’s just say I was smooth and silky that night! I experimented with the face moisturizer for a whole week (on my face) and unlike other creams I have tested before, it was very light and non-scented. It almost felt like I didn’t have anything on which was great since most creams make me a little shiny. My makeup went on smooth over the cream…no cakey creases for me. Overall I haven’t noticed any drastic changes but I will update after a longer period of continued use.

Now that I have had my fun getting naked, scrubbed and stimulated, I can finally see what all the fuss is about. Frank Body has a humorous ability to get us to do what they say so that we can reap the benefits of their products. And you will definitely feel and see the benefits. If you haven’t tried any of Frank Body products, what are you waiting for? Just have a go, ya mug

coffee, scrubs, moisturizer, Australia, natural, cruelty-free, vegan, clean, skincare, hair care

If you want more information about this amazing brand, just click here: Frank Body.

Frank Body provided Inner Bombshell with products for review purposes only. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the link above will redirect you to their site. 

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