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The FemTouch Laser

The FemTouch Laser             Keep it right keep it tight, this was my rationale for trying the newest laser available at my go-to med spa which is exclusively designed for your vjay and before you knock it hear me out. I had heard of vaginal rejuvenation before in terms of reconstructive surgeries that corrected major …

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Glen Ivy Hot Springs…. the good, the bad the ugly

Glen Ivy Hot Springs…. the good, the bad the ugly             If you live in Southern California you’ve probably heard of Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona. A massive, historic spa retreat featuring several massage villas, salon, multiple pools, fitness classes, an underground grotto, natural clay mud baths, restaurant, café, spa shopping and more. As …

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Reiki for the Skeptical Mind

Reiki for the Skeptical Mind             I’m all about a person’s energy, balancing chakras, consulting my tarots before major decisions…you know …THAT type. Luckily I live with a pessimistic skeptic who by default keeps me grounded at all times. So when I happily announced I would be taking a specialized course to be become a …