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MYRO – A New Way To Deodorize Your Pits!

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I love looking for and testing out natural deodorants because my little girls love using mine so it needs to be free of chemicals. I have discovered and shared with you guys a few of them: Mega Babe & Type A and now I want to introduce you to MYRO!

I actually discovered MYRO in a magazine article raving about it. I went ahead and purchase my kit so that I could test it out. I was fortunate enough to find a coupon that gave me the kit for $5.00 including shipping (CRAZY! I know!). It arrived at my house one week and a half later in the box you see below.

What I love about MYRO is that the formula is vegan and made with a moisturizing aloe-based formula “powered by bacteria-neutralizing probiotics and sage to keep you feeling fresh.

The way that MYRO works is that you get to choose a color for your case. This is where you will place your scented pod to reduce plastic waste. You also get to choose your scent from a variety of choices. For my starter kit, I choose Pillow Talk but I have to admit that it is not my favorite scent. I think next time I will pick the Big Dipper or Cabin No. 5.

After you pick your case and pod scent, you can also subscribe to their refill program and receive your next pods at your chosen schedule. And with their current referral program, you can get 50% OFF using this link: MYRO

All opinions are our own. Clicking on the MYRO link will take you to a referral link that gives the buyer 50% off their first purchase and it gives InnerBombshell $10 off our next purchase.

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