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The Kylie Birthday Collection

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The Kylie Birthday Collection



No one seems as polarizing as the Kardashians. Any item they launch, any product they endorse seems to get serious shade. Yet, someone’s buying these things so either their “sellout” limited edition fervor is the idea of genius PR or people really do want to find out what all the hype is about. Case in point, the newly launched Kylie Birthday Collection was something I really wanted to try. Aptly dubbed the “I want it all” edition it seemed fitting that I splurge on this massive bundle because as a fellow Leo, we do these impulsive things and we do them big.

The collection includes some of the following: highlighting powders, a huge shadow palette, velvet and matte liquid lipsticks in every shade imaginable, lip liner, gloss, brushes, a glitter makeup bag, and the best part…a bedazzled matte liquid lipstick that gives every other lip tube in your makeup bag a serious case of envy. This warm pinky nude begs to be taken everywhere with you as inevitably whenever this baby is whipped out of a handbag women literally swoon in my direction. I wasn’t sure what to expect, its trendy yes, the color selection mirroring my personal taste but the quality was yet to be proven.

If I liked it and gave it a rave review I’d be a sellout. If I hated it I’d have lots of new friends on social media and would kiss my future chances at front row Yeezy Fashion Show goodbye. What’s a girl to do but be brutally honest? The truth is I loved it, I’ve now tried every shade, every product in that bundle and everything is a winner. The lip products are particularly great, with phenomenal staying powder that doesn’t dry up. The interesting thing is I get a complement from a stranger almost every time I wear them. Most of these people probably have a very strong opinion about Kylie and her products and I wonder if they knew what brand I was wearing if their opinion would change.

That’s the power of association, the true tenants of branding; it can bring a plethora of followers on reputation alone or turn many running the opposite direction at the mere mention of the letter K. I had all sorts of apprehension and expectations about what I was going to receive for a whopping $325. Was I paying top dollar for quality or was I paying for a name? Once it arrived I simply tried it out, each piece given attention and evaluated based on ease of use, staying power and overall appearance.

I found out that this cosmetic line is a major contender in the makeup cult game. It’s well thought out, beautifully packaged and delivers on its promise of beautiful application. I guess Kylie does “want it all” and looks like she’s getting just that.

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