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Foot therapy with Sole Serum

Foot therapy with Sole Serum

            The biggest struggle in my life includes balancing my personal/work life, contributing to the greater good, identifying my priorities in life and figuring out how to actually walk in stilettos. While I’m forever searching for the meaning of life I may be one step closer to being one of those girls who saunter about in Louboutins like they’re wearing Hush Puppies. Enter Sole Serum- one of the few products on the market that target foot pain due to the love of fashion and disregard to form. Here’s the rundown on my experience:

            The small, purse sized bottle contains a blend of skin soothing ingredients like Lavender and Peppermint to perk up your feet and leave you smelling oh so good. The real winner, however lies in its superstar ingredient; Lidocaine which is used topically to numb and de-sensitized skin before cosmetic procedures. Once applied and rubbed in well, just allow the serum to dry and slip your shoozies back on for instant relief. I won’t get all infomercial on you and say it allows larger gals like me to suddenly feel like were walking on clouds but it does take the edge off just enough to get you through a couple more hours of hell.

            Considering there aren’t many solutions to walking in orthopedic aberration like knee high boots, just the fact that they developed a product to target this issue deserves a high five. At the end of the day you may have to sacrifice comfort for style but with some insider tricks like sole serum you might just be able to tolerate the pain enough to get in some great pictures. J

Full disclosure…I have received NOTHING; zip, zero zilch for this review. All opinions are 100% my own and in no way endorsed by Sole Serum.

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