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Community Supported Agriculture

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Community Supported Agriculture

Odds are if you live in California you’ve heard of Community Supported Agriculture. We’re so spoiled out here in SoCal, we get Disneyland, Celebrities, beaches AND locally grown Organic produce delivered right to our door doorstep on the regular. Once a novelty, I now know of few families who have yet to jump on the bandwagon. The concept of CSA is simple; a farm operation that shares your vision for sustainable farming practices takes on shareholders to allow for growth and profitability.

In turn you receive the (literal) fruits of your labor along with seasonal veggies, occasional spices and the option to add a wealth of locally produced goodies like dairy products, homemade meals and more; for an additional small fee each delivery. I have been a part of two different CSA farms and both were exceptional; Abundant Harvest and Farm Fresh to You. Based on your location you may be eligible to participate in both but more likely you will have at least one that services your area code. You decide your box size and delivery schedule and can customize your box based on whatever additional items you need.

All box contents are fresh and carefully selected, usually accompanied with recipe cards and information on local events. Each box is a mystery and for me that’s the best part. I have challenged myself to not let a single thing go to waste so if a strange, regional produce item is delivered I scour the web for gourmand websites giving me ideas on how to incorporate the ingredient. As a result I’ve tried things that I would never in a million years think to pick up at my local grocers, my food knowledge is growing every day and my toddler knows what the difference between bok choy, shitake mushrooms and shisito peppers. It’s guaranteed goodness every week, and its foolproof because I will inevitably have a fruit bowl of organic apples and pears at all times even if I can’t make it to the store.

Cost wise it’s comparable to shopping at your local organic or specialty grocer and it’s delivered to your door! Why there are still hold outs I don’t understand but unless you’re a retiree or someone with lots of time to shop I’ll bet you can take all the shortcuts possible. This is one decision you can actually feel good about and you are supporting your local framer in the process. Good Karma all around.

To learn more click here : Community Supported Agriculture


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