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The FemTouch Laser

The FemTouch Laser

            Keep it right keep it tight, this was my rationale for trying the newest laser available at my go-to med spa which is exclusively designed for your vjay and before you knock it hear me out. I had heard of vaginal rejuvenation before in terms of reconstructive surgeries that corrected major medical complications, (I’m wincing just thinking about it, the recovery must be brutal.) FemTouch is different in that it is not invasive, (intrusive, yes I’ll get to that in a sec) requires hardly no downtime and can be used to treat a handful of minor issues down below that aren’t life threatening but nice to improve. The pain, oddly enough is virtually non-existent which considered how up close and personal they get at least you don’t have to deal with serious physical discomfort.

            While considering the procedure I confided in a few friends who all asked the same question “why would you want that done, you had C-sections?” While true, my C-sections spared me bladder weakness while coughing; carrying four kids still takes its toll and who can’t benefit from a little sprucing up? I bit the bullet and agreed to undergo three sessions and the results were… unexpected to say the least. The laser is said to treat the following: bladder weakness, vaginal dryness, increase overall tightness (both internally and externally) and subsequently enhance pleasure. Did it work? Check, check, check, check and CHECK!

            I won’t go into specifics about the procedure itself for fear of getting banned from family friendly events but I will say the external portion was similar to a bikini laser hair removal in that quick zaps of light are applied all around the area. The internal portion…just think, a metal wand that heats up and shoots a laser beam from its rotating head while saying hello to your cervix. Crazy? Yes, I’ll admit but while anything pertaining to the vjay carries a stigma I was surprised by the sheer amount of women; of all ages having this procedure done. Even if your blessed with a camera worthy puss don’t bullshit and tell me it can’t be improved or at the very least maintained. When a very inquisitive friend insisted I send her before and after pics I opted not to send originals but instead sent the photos of my beloved cat (see pics of Louis XIII on our Insta) to illustrate my point. If this doesn’t explain just how awesome the procedure is, then I have nothing left to offer.

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