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DIY Fitness Rollers

DIY Fitness Rollers

            Foam rollers, fitness rollers, myofascial release rollers…. whatever you choose to call them they are getting lots of attention. I have previously discussed my experience with myofascial release where I submit to an hour-long session of kneading and rolling throughout specific areas of my body by a trained professional. It was uncomfortable, yes with occasional winching and a whole lotta deep breathing that left me feeling relaxed albeit a bit beat up from the intensity. The middle ground for fitness aficionados would have to be DIY myofascial release with the help of these rolling devices that promise will help your muscles become knot free. There’s so many sizes and designs to chose from and TBH when laid out in front of you the bright colors, massaging nubs and contours make you second guess “wait, where exactly on my body do these go?” lol

            It does take some practice to get your first release (LMFAO, sorry I had to) but once you get the hang of it the process goes by quickly and you learn to adapt to your muscles and trigger points. Depending on your level of muscle tightness and how deep of a pressure you are comfortable with you can start with small, targeting rollers that use your own body weight to pin point where you need It most. For the extra daring, you can use full body rollers that knead out tightness on all major muscle groups in double time. At first, the process of foam rolling yourself may feel odd and clumsy but eventually you get the hang of it and you are rolling with the efficiency of a pro.

            As far as whether or not you’re doing it correctly, here’s the down and dirty…if it feels painful, STOP you are not doing it correctly and could potentially make matters worse. If it feels, ehhh sorta weird and uncomfortable and not like any massage you’d actually want to pay for then odds are you are in the knot kneading zone. Afterwards, expect a nice, overall looseness and refreshing feeling along with enhanced muscle performance and possibility a second wind. More benefits include increased circulation and yes, ladies perhaps just perhaps when done repeatedly over time MAY help with cellulite; although the juries still officially out on this one.

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