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An interview with Briana Dai, Founder of the Beauty Boss Network

An interview with Briana Dai, Founder of the Beauty Boss Network

  1. What made you want to start your company?

                Well, I’ve been a makeup artist and hair stylist for the past 11 years.  I am nowhere near done with my artistry career but so far I’d say I’ve had a good run working with clients around the world, to glamming Mariah Carey, LeAnn Rimes, and grooming Ezekiel Elliot for the ESPN Body Issue cover, it’s been awesome.  Then one day I realized, no matter how amazing of a career I have, I would always be trading my time for money… and I can never make more time.  So I wanted to create a business that would allow me to bring in income even when I want to go on vacation with my family, or take a Saturday off.  When I contemplated what that would be, I realized my only other passion was personal development, and helping others in the industry… I had several girls that I mentored and watching them grow made me hella proud…so the question became how can I make an income AND an impact.  Lots of thought, market research, and hard work later, Beauty Boss Network was born.  We are a community all about helping beauty industry pros take themselves to the next level in their careers!

     2. What is your philosophy about marketing in the beauty industry?

    My philosophy is if you want to stand out in this industry then you NEED to find something unique about what it is that you offer, and make sure that you are highlighting your point of difference in every one of your marketing channels.  Your point of difference is your “stand-out factor.” There are thousands upon thousands of us in this industry, so WHY would someone choose to work with YOU over your competitor around the corner? Once you can answer that, then you are sitting on a goldmine.

 3. Any new events or speaking engagements for Beauty Boss Network in the near future?

I am so glad you asked.  I am coming to NYC to teach a makeup class with MustaeV USA (one of my favorite makeup brands that dominates my kit).  I am also going to host a member meetup while we are in NYC for all of our local members!  I will be speaking at Houston Community College the week after.  Plus, we are getting ready to announce a Houston event, and LOTS more to come.  This upcoming year is about to be LIT so definitely make sure you are signed up for our email updates because if you’ve looked at the photo galleries on our website from past events, you know we know how to throw a bomb party.

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