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My Frenemy…Spanx

My Frenemy…Spanx Like an overtly critical Mom, a condescending co-worker or that friend who you love to hate; Spanx plays with my emotions like a daytime soap. The concept of shapewear is not new; corsets, girdles, fajas whatever you want to call them…the concept of contouring your shape  has been on the to-do list of …

A fashion dress made of sequins
Corinne Fashion

All That Glitters Is Sequins

I love the new trend of that glittery sequin that we see everywhere.  From dresses, skirts, and shirts to pillows, purses, backpacks and even journals. This trend, however, made a comeback with one new addition: interchangeable colors. Yes, if you slide your hand up, down or side to side, you will be able to make …