Ruana Wraps: One Little Wrap, So Many Ways.

Ruana Wraps: One Little Wrap, So Many Ways.

Ruana Wraps: One Little Wrap, So Many Ways.



Yeah, they are extremely popular and you see them all over the internet. There is a vast amount of designers crafting the multi-tasker wraps.  Should I wear it as a sarong? A scarf? A drape? Oh, my! So many options but can I really make it work? You see all these cool pictures on the internet of women wearing them so flawlessly but every time I try, it feels like I threw a piece of fabric over my body without any real intention or style. I watched a few videos to get my groove on and be able to share with our lovely readers tricks on how to make your Ruana work for you.


The Scarf:

Single loop knot at the neck.

Bow Tie

Double loop – no knot

Loop and Tuck Scarf Knot


The Drape:

Take the two front panels of your Ruana and throw it over your shoulders like a shawl.

Throw one side of it over one shoulder (you can even pin it with a brooch for a more stylish look).

Throw it over your shoulders and wrap around waist towards the back.



I like to wrap it around my waist and then create two knots just around the hip area showcasing a high slit to the side.

Fold it like a triangle and wrap around the waist like a short skirt.

Obviously, the possibilities are endless but I just wanted to share ways I now wear my new Michael Stars Ruana without looking like a fool.


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