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BluePrint Cleanse: A Review

BluePrint Cleanse: A Review



I jumped on the home delivery juice cleanse bandwagon years ago. The concept of cold-pressed juices delivered straight to my door was too awesome to pass up. I loved my Jack LaLanne juicer but the assembly and cleaning not to mention almost daily trips to the market for organic veggies left me giving up after a few days. I realized that until I’m retired and living on a farm somewhere in Iowa I simply cannot sustain daily juicing. Nowadays, there are dozens of cleanses available, and I’ve tried many but the very first one I ever did was BluePrint; to me they are the OG of the home juice cleanse.

Initially they offered only very simple juice combinations and a basic cleanse program that was sold in increments of time. You decided how long you wanted to cleanse and there you had it…a nice selection of juices; one green; one red; a yellow one and a delicious nut based one that was my fav. I remember thinking the juices tasted even better than the ones I was making fresh at home, plus the convenience factor was stellar; so three days of cleansing was actually very enjoyable. Since that initial cleanse I played the field and tried all different companies, however recently I decided to re-connect with my old friend BluePrint. First off, I was blown away by the amount of different cleanses and types of juices they now offer.

Even kombuchas and teas were available not to mention a whole lot of new flavors. I was pleased to see BluePrint keeping it 100 in the juice game especially since I felt I knew them from back in the day. During a recent spa retreat I ordered a nice assortment of BluePrint juices here’s some of my picks:

  • Watercress Warrior featuring watercress, kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon

A solid, refreshing, no-fuss green juice with a subtle alkaline taste balanced with the brightness of lemon.

  • Lemon Cayenne Agave featuring- you guessed it…the aforementioned trio

Perfect balance of tart and sweet with only mild heat at the finish.

  • Cashew Blueberry Bloom featuring blueberries, cashews, dates, cinnamon and vanilla

Silky, sweet richness with ultra-smooth cashew milk as the base. Warmness from the vanilla and cinnamon give this a savory linger.


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