Himalayan Salt, What Is Your Deal?

Himalayan Salt, What Is Your Deal?

Himalayan Salt, What Is Your Deal?



I recently received a Himalayan Salt kit inside a subscription box and I was a bit confused about its popularity.  I keep seeing Himalayan salt lamps, grinders, stones, scrubs and even soaps but does it have any benefits? I was really confused and ready to trade my salt kit when I decided to read up on this new trend that has many going bonkers over it.  Let’s start at where Himalayan salt comes from; these tiny rock salt particles are mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan.  Many sources claim that this salt is better for you because it contains 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in our bodies such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium yet others state that those minerals only make up 2-4%.

I was overwhelmed by the contradicting articles written from highly sourced sites. Some reputable sites glorified the salt as a toxin remover, libido booster, it claimed to make your bones stronger, and that it helps regulates your PH balance along with an overwhelming list of other claims. Yet other sources say this is a glorified salt that merely acts as a great decorative item with no significant value to our health or skin. Oh no! So much confusion…who to believe? Is this really another great discovery like dark chocolate and red wine or is this a great propaganda to invest in yet another item that may or may not provide us with any benefits.

I thought I was confused before but I have to be honest and say that I am more confused now! I researched scientific articles and even those contradicted each other. As for now, I will just have to enjoy my Himalayan salt kit and use it as a final touch on my already cooked dishes (that is what the directions state).  What I will agree on is that it is much cuter in color than the regular sea salt…I love pink.

Please let me know your experiences while using the Himalayan salt and if you are a fan or not.

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