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Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Mask

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I discovered the amazing Dr. Brandt Magnetight Age-Defier Skin Recharging Magnet Mask when I attended the makeup show in LA. You can read all about that event here:

As I was walking down the aisles with Opal, we made a stop at Dr. Brandt booth because this is another brand that has a great reputation and is cruelty-free. The sales representative was extremely helpful in introducing us to his new products and showcasing this amazing mask. She lathered a thin layer onto my hands. She then wrapped a tissue paper around the magnet and without touching my skin, the magnet trapped the mask particles. It was like a magic show which was so amusing that I immediately purchased the product.

The moment I got home, I quickly tried on the mask to see how well it would work on a larger scale. I took out the spatula and spread a thin layer over my face. I waited the estimated 10 minutes recommended on the box and took out the triangular magnet. I wrapped the magnet with a tissue paper and began gliding the magnet a few inches away from the skin. To my amazement again, it worked. The iron particles magically disappeared from my face and were stuck to the magnet. Just for research purposes, I also used the magnet without the tissue paper to see what would happen. It was the exact same scenario as before but it made it extremely difficult to remove the mask from the magnet. I tried using paper, towels and even water but the particles were holding on strong! So, its best to follow the instructions and ALWAYS use a tissue paper when removing your mask.

After the mask was removed, I massaged the remaining product into the skin and my face felt extremely silky and smooth. Even when I woke up the next morning, my skin was sleek, soft and velvety. I really have to say that not only with this mask amuse you, it will also infuse your face with great ingredients and nourish your skin.

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