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The Conscious Life Expo

The Conscious Life Expo World-renowned psychics, UFO lecturers, water vibration for health, Shamanic healing, crystals and sound baths galore…this is just a fraction of what we encountered this past weekend as we covered The Conscious Life Expo LA.  Perhaps we ventured a bit far from our usual lipstick laden conventions filled with selfie booths and …

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Beach Braids

Beach Braids   Since it’s cold AF outside I’ve been reminiscing of summer styles in preparation for next year. One trend I had been holding out on but jumped on the bandwagon this year were beach braids. Now, technically speaking they probably have an official name but I’ve named them beach braids because you can …

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Bee Acupuncture

Bee Acupuncture   Acupuncture has many reported benefits, from alleviating pain, to weight loss to enhanced focus. The foundational principles of acupuncture believe there exists a life force energy that is channeled through different meridians in the body. These channels can potentially become blocked and therefore can be re-directed or unblocked through activating pressure points …