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Beach Braids

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Beach Braids


Since it’s cold AF outside I’ve been reminiscing of summer styles in preparation for next year. One trend I had been holding out on but jumped on the bandwagon this year were beach braids. Now, technically speaking they probably have an official name but I’ve named them beach braids because you can often find these stands across beachfronts and the style works especially well for keeping locks neatly tucked away for the sand and surf.

The concept is simple, tightly woven braids parted immaculately so that every baby strand is tucked in; the fun part comes in when strands of threads are literally braided and folded into your hair to create an ultra-cool effect. Fluorescent pinks, greens and yellows were most popular, but I opted for a light, golden straw color that from a distance could pass as my own hair or at the least chunky highlights. There’s a whole ton of thread that’s weaved into your design, so it adds volume and bulk which makes your braids extra luscious and sexy.

The secret is inserting the threads in a way where you can’t see where they start and where they end, it just blends nicely to create the overall effect. In addition to changing your look it serves a purpose; since its perfectly equipped to handle the heat and onslaught of saltwater, you will end up with perfect beach waves after a day with these babies in place. Can you do them yourself? Probably, especially if you are a good self-braider. I am certainly not a great braider or even a decent braider at that, so I leave it so someone else’s capable hands.

Picking out the perfect Summer shade.

The process begins…

Halfway through…

The final look!

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