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Oil Scalp Massage

Oil Scalp Massage My hair was crying; it was screaming for a break. Don’t speak hair? Allow me to translate…my hair was not being cooperative, its refused to stay curled, straightening would leave behind weird bends and waves while the color was less than rich and vibrant. I realized that hair bleach and extensions had …

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Bee Venom Creams

Bee Venom Creams   Whenever I come across an unorthodox beauty ingredient I am called to try it. It can be mild; like a new flower-derived toner or an organic rice scrub. Sometimes it can be bolder; and contain ingredients like snake venom, snail secretions or something not approved in the US…those are always extra …

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Beach Braids

Beach Braids   Since it’s cold AF outside I’ve been reminiscing of summer styles in preparation for next year. One trend I had been holding out on but jumped on the bandwagon this year were beach braids. Now, technically speaking they probably have an official name but I’ve named them beach braids because you can …

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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly     If it’s good enough for the queen bee it’s probably good enough for me…at least that’s what I told myself as a spooned in the thick, pearl-white paste into my mouth. While honey remains the most popular bee-related creation; Royal Jelly is having a moment. It’s harder to obtain and less …