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Can I Really Burn 1000 Calories in Zumba?

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Can I Really Burn 1000 Calories in Zumba?


That is the question that I use to get asked all the time during my Zumba teaching days. I cannot honestly answer that question because I really don’t know. Did I ever burn that many calories during my Zumba class? The answer would have to be no. Even when I danced a full hour to heart pounding songs, the most calories I ever burned was 596 calories in a one hour class. Now, does that mean that you can’t? Well, it all depends on the person weight, how difficult the class is, how much are you moving your body and for how long you are doing the class. When I taught Zumba, I use to give it my all. I would dance as fast as I could and as much as I could. I weighed roughly about 112 lbs. and was extremely fit. If I was to teach a two-hour Zumba class at the rate I worked at my hardest, then I would’ve potentially lost 1,192 calories. So the answer to that question would’ve been yes. Yes, I burned over 1000 calories in a two-hour Zumba class.


But does that number really matter? Isn’t it really about having fun dancing with a group of people that enjoy the same thing you do? I use to have women attend my class and not have a drop of sweat on their shirts but they left the class laughing and happy. For many of us, Zumba is that class that makes you feel like you are at a dance club partying the night away. It is not a class where you are asked to do burpees, jump squats or the likes of those exercise styles. It is a class that is fun and actually does burn many calories without much effort on your part. Isn’t that what really matters? If you are a person that loves do dance and needs to lose some weight or wants a more active lifestyle, Zumba is definitely the way to go!

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