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Lyfe Fuel Is Helping You Achieve Your Fittest Life.

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I love stumbling upon brands that offer a vast variety of products to compliment my healthy lifestyle; Lyfe Fuel is that new “wow” discovery. As always, I do my diligent research to try and bring you the best when it comes to plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free and organic products, companies and brands. During my research in seeking fitness related supplements, I discovered Lyfe Fuel. What first attracted me to this brand is that they offer a few tailored and personalized transformation programs.

  • Eliminate – Cleanse – Restore
  • Eat – Thrive – Yoga
  • Rise – Grind – Recover

Now, I can’t offer any advice or help regarding these programs but it was refreshing to see that they provided additional help rather than just selling supplements.  “When most programs talk about a “health challenge”, it’s always involves some sort of food deprivation. What we do differently is that we focus on helping you start a sustainable diet that involves a lot of delicious and nutrient-dense food. We also help you avoid harmful food that may cause uninintended health issues. No matter what your chosen lifestyle is, we have a custom program just for you, not just an “all-in-one” solution.”

They offer a few amazing products (based on their ingredient list) but I can’t elaborate on them since I haven’t tested them out but I did try a sample of their Clean & Lean Recovery Shake. They send me two samples of their Vanilla Chai (1 serving per sample) and it tasted great! It wasn’t too chalky or bland and had a pleasant taste. I am more of a chocolate girl, so receiving a vanilla chai sample made me question if I would actually enjoy it and surprisingly, I did. I would probably still pick chocolate (if given the choice). On to the nutritional info:

  • 25 grams of plant-based protein (pea, rice & quinoa)
  • 3 grams of all-natural sugar
  • 25+ whole food ingredients: chlorella, maca root, magnesium & vitamin D3, digestive enzymes, acerola cherry
  • green balance blend

I took my sample shake for two consecutive days and I consumed them thirty minutes after my workouts. I felt great the next day and did not experience any soreness. I didn’t have any adverse/bloating reactions to the protein blend and was extremely full after consuming my 10 oz shake made with nut milk. Overall, I am very pleased with this brand and would love to test some of their other products. If you would like to know more information about this brand, go to Lyfe Fuel.

Hi Hugo,  Thanks so much for the offer but Kristina's mom volunteered to help out ;) Have a great game on Sunday :)

Hi Hugo,  Thanks so much for the offer but Kristina's mom volunteered to help out ;) Have a great game on Sunday :)

Lyfe Fuel provided Inner Bombshell with two sample products for our honest review. All opinions are our own. Clicking on the link above will redirect you to their site.


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