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SoCal VegFest 2018

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I have to start this particular article by stating that this year’s SoCal VegFest in Orange County was AMAZING!!! It is truly fascinating to see how many vegans, vegetarians, and foodie lovers attended this festival. I was enthralled and in pure bliss to look around at people from all walks of life. Vegan kids and extremely fit and beautiful vegan older generations combined together for the greater cause of animals welfare and healthy living. There were so many new and interesting products and a few that were one-of-a-kind and innovative, breaking barriers and awarded medals – ALL PLANT-BASED. 

The food trucks offered everything that you can imagine and more! From Mexican, Chinese, Korean, American, Thai, Latin and so much. All these incredible foods were made completely vegan. So many different cultures offering the most tasteful and delicious meals, all in one place. I really felt like a kid at Disneyland. Although there were probably many people whom are not vegan or vegetarian, we all listened to the panels, took in the information and felt connected. I was genuinely happy and in a great mood. I loved the samples of food, the new fitness products, and incredibly outspoken apparel (Eat Veggies, Not Animals, Vegan Booty, We Are Not Food). 

The event took place over two days ( I only attended Sunday) and the number of people there was unbelievable. My husband was extremely impressed (he still stigmatizes us vegan as tree-huggers with long armpit hairs) but boy was he surprised. Yes, a few looked that “part” but for the remaining 99.9% of us, we are your everyday mothers, fathers, CEO’s, designers, students, daughters, sons, musicians, actors, fitness instructors, teachers, doctors, aestheticians, lawyers, grandparents, engineers, neighbors, and everything else. We share a mind frame for a better world, with better animal protections and treatment, kindness, health and equality for ALL living things.

The Future Is VEGAN!!!! Get used to it 🙂

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Corinne is a writer, actress, dancer, designer and fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience helping women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. She is also a full-time mom to three beautiful little girls and five adoring animals.