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Boot Camp LOVE!

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Boot Camp LOVE!


If there is one form of fitness class that is geared to get your body in shape…Boot Camp is the way to go. It focuses on changing your body and transforming your muscles into armors of steel. Every boot camp class is typically different confusing your muscles and forcing them to change. When we do a series of repetitious exercises without incorporating change, our muscles get adapted to the exercise and they limit the ability to change our body. That is why Boot Camp is the killer workout! In one month, I would see my students getting leaner, stronger and more defined. I use to weigh and measure all of my students at the beginning of their boot camp session and every single one of them had positive changes at the end of their boot camp month. Some students saw more significant changes because they followed a clean eating regimen while others just wanted to maintain weight but build stronger muscles.


Boot Camp usually involves a series of interval sessions which incorporate fast and high-intensity exercises as well as low-intensity exercises. You will also do a series of calisthenics such as a pushups, squads, abdominal crunches but also adding drills and sprints to the equation.  We try to mold the participants by pushing them outside their comfort zone and forcing a change in their physical appearance and athletic endurance.  Not only does each boot camp participant become stronger physically, they overcome a mental change as well. The positive results of their hard work fuels a stronger mind frame pushing them to work harder at each session. It is truly an amazing force to be surrounded by boot camp participants because they each push each other to finish one more burpee or jump squad.  You can see a variety of people such as stay at home moms, engineers, lawyers, nurses, and therapist walking into a boot camp class daily. They are all unique in their lifestyle and career choices but in the class, they all share the same title…they are all fitness warriors.



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Corinne is a writer, actress, dancer, designer and fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience helping women achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. She is also a full-time mom to three beautiful little girls and five adoring animals.