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Sally Hansen Nail Strips

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Sally Hansen Nail Strips



I recently purchased Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips because I was tired of having chipped nails after two days of application. It didn’t matter if I had purchased expensive or cheap nail polish, the end result was always the same. I even had a bad experience with a nail salon which left me with yellowish nails after removal of their nail polish. Imagine paying $50 for a service which actually leaves you with damaged nails!  This was an experience I care not to elaborate on but was definitely furious about.

After that dreadful experience, I was desperately looking for a product that would be healthier for my nails. I also wanted the product to give me at least a few extra days (and by extra, I mean at least five days) of well-manicured nails and that’s when I came across this product. As I was shopping at Target I looked through their nail aisle and come across a little section near the floor shelf which had a few boxes of nail strips. I had remembered that in the past, I knew of a few clients that were selling nail polish strips from other companies and they always raved about their products but I never gave them a try.  So, I decided to give this one a try. I went with this particular product because (a) it was on sale for very cheap 🙂 and (b) it had a cool zebra reverse french design.

The process was extremely easy to apply. The product came with 16 nail polish strips, a cuticle stick, and a mini file/buffer. I shaped the nails with the mini file, buffed each nail and then cleaned them with nail polish remover. I then applied the appropriate nail size to my nail and filed away the excess strip. Walla!… my nails were complete, it was that easy. I have to say that I really enjoyed this process much more than the whole nail painting one. This process was easy and mess-free and depending on its longevity, it might be my new go-to nail preference.  I am on currently on day 4 of using my nail strips and so far, so good. I have done the dishes every day and they are still looking as great as they did on the first application. I am really impressed with this product and love that there are so many other unique designs to choose from. This was definitely a great product find for me.


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