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JustFab & Shoe Dazzle Are My Go-To Shoe Stores!

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When people ask me what is my favorite shoe store or brand, I always have to say JustFab/Shoe Dazzle. I have been a member for so many years and I have a large collection of their shoes. I remember the first time I saw the commercial for these brands and all I remember was this girl talking about her shoe collection and she was in front of a large shoe closet filled with unique and cool shoes. I personally love shoes; all kinds of shoes except flats because I’m short lol.

The closet in that commercial was like my dream closet but instead of high-cost designer shoes, it was filled with affordable knockouts. I research the company and found so many unique styles at incredible prices $39.95 for VIP members to be exact. Obviously, the store is now a giant mega-seller and has added different brands under their umbrella: Fabletics – athletic, Fabkids and they’ve added clothes and accessories to their famous JustFab/Shoe dazzle brand. I can’t say that I am a fan of the clothing because everything I have ever ordered doesn’t fit me correctly but when it comes to their shoes, I am their #1 fan. I always get great compliments anywhere I go and I love that they are cruelty-free. They have the same style of shoes that you see on the runway shows but I can actually afford these.

I really cannot tell you how many times I have gotten compliments on the variety of shoes that I have from this brand. I am a VIP elite member because I have bought a lot of shoes throughout the years. I get excited every month to see what new styles are coming up and they are the ones that keep me up-to-date with fashion trends. When it comes to wedges, heels or boots I am crazy shoe fanatic.

Shoe Dazzle and JustFab are definitely a company I would recommend to others. They have the most unique, stylish and cool shoes around. I have been a member for many years and they know I will be a member for many more. Give them a try because you won’t be disappointed and you will always be in style!

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To learn more click here :

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