Weight Training Is The Fountain Of Youth

Weight Training Is The Fountain Of Youth

Weight training is truly the fountain of youth. I remember when I was a fitness instructor how I loved weight training and how it changed my body. Every time I would train my clients no matter what size they were or age, I would always incorporate weights into their routine because I knew the benefits they would succumb. Most women tend to be afraid of weights because they have this idea in their heads that they are going to get as big as a man. But luckily for us, we don’t have enough testosterone in our body to build those huge muscles that you can see on a man. What weights actually do for our bodies is shape us by creating a more defined and sculpted body.

Weight training for me was a lifesaver especially after having children because I was able to get back to a fit body and continue my job as a fitness instructor. Now, ever since I retired and have not kept up with my weight training or exercise regimen, I have noticed an incredible change in my body (and not the good type). My body does not have the muscle definition that it use to nor does my body look as young as it did which I attribute to weight training. I am a firm believer that if you want to sculpt and built a beautiful body, weight training is a way to go. It’s not going to happen overnight like surgery, but if you are consistent, eat correctly and continue an active lifestyle in which you incorporate some cardio, stretching (yoga,  pilates, barre) and weight training, you will see an incredible change in your body. Just take a look at all the beautiful women and men that you see in fitness magazines, fitness competition, trainers and athletes and how their body is sculpted beautifully. Many of them look like they have the body of someone much younger than them.

With weight training,  you can really pinpoint what muscles you want to increase in size or shape. If you want to get stronger legs and/or thicker thighs you can use weights during your dead-lifts, squats, and lunges. If it’s abs you want to see, then, of course, it all starts in the kitchen (80% is food 🙁 but abdominal exercises with weights will help you achieve the abdominals that you want. Do you want to get rid of those flabby arms? guess what, weights is the way to go. They will firm those triceps so that when you wave goodbye it all stays in one place.

Take it from me, having been an instructor for many years I was able to shape my body and feel stronger thanks to weight training. Looking at how my body has changed since retiring and not frequenting the weight room like I used to, I have lost all muscle definition and my body has become flaccid and jiggly. Its been a harsh reality to admit but luckily tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to begin my journey into the weight room again. Let me know where your journey takes you.

 3 months after my 3rd C-Section 😉



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