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Beauty Rescue SOS: Dry Shampoo

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Beauty Rescue SOS: Dry Shampoo


I really don’t know how I functioned before dry shampoo became a thing. Like a water loathing cat, I’m not an everyday washer, it’s just not an option with 25’ extensions and bleached hair. My options were either beautifully voluminous freshly washed hair, sorta gross, grungy flatness or the dreaded “please, Lord don’t let me run into anyone I know.”

Dry shampoo has changed all that and I can never go back. Just a small spritz at the roots and quick mist allover sends my less than fresh hair into revival mode. It will never be a substitute for a real, good old fashioned, sudsy washing but it extends a good blowout for days…yes, days with an “s.” Batiste is my favorite brand mostly because they have eye-catching designs, floral and fruity scents and they even make a blonde edition with a hint of believable color that doubles as both a refresher AND root touch up in a pinch.

Sprays work best in my opinion although Alterna Caviar has a little vial that is sprinkled on the hairline that leaves it not only de-slicked but silky and treated. My raven hued friend once told me she hates dry shampoo because of the dreaded white powdery look but I assured her its operator error. Sectioning, parting, spritzing at the right distance and brushing, brushing and brushing some more are not steps you can skimp on. As an added bonus, dry shampoo builds body and is perfect for prepping recently washed and/or overly conditioned hair to hold curl and make styling easier. A true beauty powerhouse; dry shampoo is one of my essentials.

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