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Watch the stars align…MoonBox Unveiling July 2018

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Watch the stars align…MoonBox Unveiling July 2018


            A Subscription for the Soul…no, I can’t take credit for this awesome tagline as it was the first note that I read when I opened my much anticipated MoonBox subscription bundle. What is MoonBox? Well, it’s not your garden variety beauty or wellness box; it’s much more…enlightened. You see, MoonBox is curated as a reflection of the lunar cycle; yes, really! It is their purpose to carefully select items in conjunction with the aura of the moon phases so that you can focus on mindfulness and making the very best of everyday. Each month as a New Moon approaches you can begin the process of change, culminating in the energy of the Full Moon and all the positive energy it can bring. Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

  • Cosmic Collage Moon Calendar– Absolutely gorge! This vividly designed cloth calendar pays homage to the sign of Cancer. Almost makes me wish I was born in July…. almost 😉
  • Practically Magic Stationary Set- Artfully designed and simple in nature. These cards and envelopes accurately describe the characteristics of a Cancer; loyal, sensitive and loving.
  • Joco Botanicals Throat Chakra Yogi Soap- Lemongrass, tea tree, eucalyptus and sage…need I say more? Uplifting, refreshing, thoroughly cleansing and nourishing; this soap raises the bar (no pun intended) on your average cleanser.
  • M+A Naturals Himalayan Lip Scrub- I tried this unbelievably amazing lip scrub and was blown away by how effective it was. It polished my lips to pouty perfection without leaving them feeling tight or dry.
  • Natures Treasures Crystals- I received a beautiful Aquamarine crystal for clarity, and a trio of Green Aventurine for personal journeying, Blue Apatite for truth and cleansing and Lepidolite for stress release.
  • REE-Define Elements Agate Drawer Pull- Interesting and innovative to say the least- this mesmerizing blue pull added major Zen to my jewelry cabinet.

To learn more or to order your very own MoonBox visit:

*No compensation was received for this review, a complementary MoonBox was received in exchange for an honest review. All opinions our own.

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