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Sit Back, Relax and Stretch It Out At The StretchLab.

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The StretchLab, what your body has been asking for all along. Our bodies constricted, stressed and tensed, the aches in our bones and joints from lack of mobility or extensive explosive exercises. We have all felt it, the moment where our muscles ache from a hard workout or a long day at work. Lethargic, exhausted, and tired; we often wonder is there anything that can help reduce the pain? Help me feel more limbered and relaxed? Well now there is and its name is the StretchLab. 

Imagine a place that from the moment you walk in, you know you are in for a treat. Music you would hear in a house party, esthetically beautiful decorations, inviting massage tables and highly certified and trained “flexologist” awaiting to stretch you to your heart’s content. I introduce you to your new favorite spot, a place that will do for your body what it has been lacking for so long…a proper stretch precisely targeted to reduce your aches and pains. The word I would use to describe these “flexologist” is “brilliant.” They are keen and knowledgeable, precise and accommodating, gentle yet strong and most of all attentive.  They truly know the body’s functionality and what specific stretches will encourage more mobility and flexibility. 

I have always been gifted with extreme flexibility or as I like to call it short extremities. I find it easy to put my head on my knees, touch my toes and even hold my side leg extension with both my hands. Even as flexible as I am, my amazing flexologist Blake, found ways to deepen my stretches. It was truly incredible to see Blake, Benjamin and Chadd work their magic with each client. With tugs, pulls and pushes our bodies melted into a limber state. We all walked out of our sessions feeling so relaxed and anew. It was truly such an amazing experience especially because it is one that we can ALL benefit from. Young athletes (kids) to even the older more mature generation (70+) can gain the incredible benefits of stretching. I would say that this style of stretching is a fusion of yoga, physical therapy and therapeutic massage mixed into one. The StretchLab is really the best place to find a great assisted stretch. You can book a 25 minute or 50-minute one-on-one session or book a group class. 

I can continue to elaborate on the amazing benefits the classes at the StretchLab have on your body but since they offer you a complimentary group class (first-time clients only), why not try it yourself and see what all the rave is about. To find a StretchLab location near you, visit

Check out the great pictures of me and some girlfriends first stretch experience…

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