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Ionithermie Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Ionithermie Anti-Cellulite Treatment


When I travel you can find me at the nearest spa, when I travel via cruises I basically become personal friends with every spa attendant on ship because between bingo, high-priced art, and pounds of beef wellington at the buffet…I need an escape from my escape. My last cruise to South America left me with daily sometimes multiple times a day in the hands of my spa therapist, Sara who specialized in Ionithermie treatments.

Ionithermie claims to drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite and painlessly shrinks hips, thighs, arms, butts you name it by flushing out cellular waste via detox. I had to get comfortable with her quickly as my treatments required my near nude body be painted with conductive thermal clay and wrapped tightly to allow for the electrodes to do their thing.

The sensation is like other forms of electrical stimuli, it makes your body feel a strange, buzzing feeling; almost like an electrical shock but without any pain. Depending on tolerance you can go mild with gentle humming or cranked up all the way to where my butt was literally twerking like Amber Rose without any effort on my part.

Upon removal of the electrodes and clay, a tightening serum was applied leaving my legs, thighs and butt smooth as silk and baby soft. I absolutely noticed a difference during these couple weeks of daily treatments and proudly rocked my high cut swimwear with sheer abandon. The interesting thing is that the instant de-swelling while not meant to be permanent served as a kind of boost and motivation to be more active and healthy while on my cruise.

I felt better so I ate better and focused on being more active to help maintain my results. I grew to love my spa sessions and girl talk while actively smoothing my booty and desperately wanted to continue my treatments the moment I hit dry land. Sadly, I have not found a nearby spa that offers Ionithermie, but my search continues. Are results long lasting? Sadly, no, but they make for an effective “in the meantime” quick fix that feels refreshing and invigorating. Fake it till you make it baby!

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