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Hot Stones in Massage…Outdated and Overrated?

Hot Stones in Massage…Outdated and Overrated?

I try to remain on the cutting edge of spa services. While I have my foundational treatments like massages, facials and body wraps; I typically indulge in the latest and greatest spa fad every chance I can. I went to a spa last week, one that is super trendy, innovative and always seems to offer the “it” treatment as soon as it becomes instafamous. This is why I was a little surprised and a little irritated that the only upgrade they offered were hot stones.

It’s not that I have anything against warm, smooth rocks sliding across my back it’s that they are so 1999 and such a “safe” aka boring enhancement. The concept behind the hot stone trend probably comes from the idea that the sensation and centralized heat promotes a deeper state of relaxation. For me personally, I find that while the heat aspect does feel nice sometimes the sensation of the ridged stones against shoulder blades or tail bone feels a little uncomfortable.

This could be operator error, as the entire concept of the stone massage is to GENTLY slide them across the body in a massaging motion; still I’ve never been overly impressed by this upgrade. When I read a spa menu and it offers things like, “Fire and Ice” facials, Oxygen Treatments, LED light treatments; etc. I get excited…then once I read “hot stone massage” I think “oh geez are we STILL doing that.” I guess from a business owners point of view the ROI must be good, after all it’s basically a onetime investment of spa-quality stones and a warmer to justify the $15-$20 upgrade so I can’t blame them. Still though, can we get a bit more creative? I think it’s time for a spa menu makeover.  

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